Alignments - Put Them on Your Schedule!

The bad thing about alignments is that we don’t often realize we needed one until we notice a problem like premature wear and tear on tires, bad ball joints or something similar. If you’d like to learn more about alignments or schedule a wheel alignment at Wills Toyota, we have qualified service techs on hand ready to service your vehicle.

Your vehicle should have a wheel alignment any time you have new or different tires installed and balanced. A well-aligned vehicle will provide you with a good and safe ride. Due to the many rough roads we drive on, as well as potholes, bumps and bumper-to-bumper traffic, our vehicles may need alignment more often. Some do it with every oil change.

Give us a call or visit us in our service center and we can set you up for regularly scheduled alignments either with your oil changes or as separate appointments.

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