Safety Features Drivers Appreciate in the New Toyota Camry

The all-new Toyota Camry is a midsize sedan that is getting attention this year because of all the safety features packed into one car.

The way that the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control feature works in the Toyota Camry is to help makes this system truly hands-free. Once you set the speed, the system keeps scanning the road to ensure the cushion ahead of your car is safe. If a slower car enters that space, the brakes are applied to assist with slowing, then the car resumes speed when clear.

The Lane Departure Alert feature in the all-new Toyota Camry is going to assist the driver who is distracted or tired behind the wheel. If the car has been detected to drift out of the lane, the steering wheel vibrates to alert the driver to take action.

Take the new Toyota Camry for a test drive the next time you visit Wills Toyota.

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