Clear Signs That Your Vehicle's Exhaust is Leaking

Being in the position to identify leaks in your car's exhaust system early will help to reduce the repair cost down the road. Here are just a couple warning signs of trouble with exhaust leaks.

If there is a leak coming from the exhaust, the tailpipe will give you clear signs of trouble. Listen carefully for any hissing or popping noises that are getting more frequent. If these sounds are being accompanied by a high whistle sound from the tailpipe, there is a leak in the system.

Another way to tell if the exhaust could be leaking, a steady vibration. To feel this vibration, you'll need to be seated in the vehicle with it idling. Feel the steering wheel, the gas pedal, or the seat itself, for any vibrations that seem out of the ordinary.

Don't ignore these warning signs, bring your vehicle down to Wills Toyota for a complete exhaust system check-up today.

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