Growing Popularity of the Toyota Corolla iM Safety Features

Take a close look at why the Toyota Corolla iM hatchback is exploding in popularity.

When you shift the new Toyota Corolla iM into reverse, that is how you activate the rearview camera feature. Not only will you be able to clearly see everything that is moving behind your vehicle, but this view is also going to help you to avoid backing into any stationary objects too.

The Toyota Corolla iM can identify the risk of a collision and help bring your vehicle to a stop if you don't react fast enough. The Pre-Collision Assist feature has radar technology monitoring activities far ahead of your vehicle so you will be alerted with time to brake before the system powers down your ride.

The Toyota Corolla iM is more than the sum of all these incredible features. Take it for a test drive and see when you come down to Wills Toyota.



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