The Toyota Avalon Sedan Has a Tech-Savvy Design

In 2019, Toyota significantly redesigned the interior layout of the Avalon, a full-size sedan that has been on the market for several generations. The most notable enhancement to the cabin is a 9.0-inch touch screen that replaces an 8.0-inch display from previous models. The Entune 3.0 software has also been updated to generate better guidance and entertainment. For example, this future-optimized platform includes an intelligent interface with shortcuts to essential applications, such as Yelp and Apple Maps. The enhanced infotainment hub also offers universal compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free. These mobile apps will surely be a big hit among iPhone users who visit Wills Toyota.

The Avalon in Twin Falls also has awesome music portals, such as iHeartRadio and SiriusXM All Access. An all-new audio system by JBL is optional in this premium sedan. Up to 14 speakers work in sync to generate a maximum of 1,200 acoustic watts from preferred radio channels and streaming sources.



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