Check Out the Sporty Look of the 2019 Toyota Corolla

The 2019 edition of the Toyota Corolla features a sporty style that begins with its front fascia design and ends with its rear spoiler. The distinctive front grille and bumper design shows off its fun-loving attitude to on-lookers.

The Corolla's headlights also add to that look with multi-LED headlamps and accent lights that make you noticeable whenever you turn them on. They may be slim and compact, but their LEDs produce more light and use less energy than traditional headlamps.

The Corolla rounds out its exterior design with 17-inch wheels that feature an eight-spoke design that enhances both its look and performance. The rear spoiler accents the Corolla's style as you drive away by adding a bold, aerodynamic edge to the cargo trunk lid. It's included with the LE Eco, XSE, and SE models.



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