Efficient Driving Modes in the Toyota Highlander

Are you on the hunt for a mid-size sport utility vehicle in Twin Falls that is durable, efficient and powerful? Then plan a trip to Wills Toyota. When you customize this premium SUV, you may choose from three engine options and three driveline options. A 2.7 L gas engine is standard in the base trim, and other models have a 3.5 L engine. The hybrid edition runs on dual electric motors, Ni-MH battery pack and 3.5 L engine. This efficient powertrain also comes with several settings that are optimized for diverse driving conditions. For example, the ECO Mode creates a good combination of combustion and electrical generation.

The EV Mode fully draws energy from the hybrid system without burning a single drop of gasoline. Additionally, you should take advantage of the POWER Mode for tasks that require maximum output. This setting is surely suitable for towing a trailer with a 5,000-pound net load.



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