Plan Family Trips in the Toyota 4Runner SUV

The Toyota 4Runner rolls on a platform that has gradually evolved for more than 30 years. Wills Toyota welcomes clients who are interested in buying this full-size SUV that's available with off-road packages.

If you want to bring an all-terrain vehicle along for a fun trip, just load it on a trailer that's connected to the powerful 4Runner. Thanks to a maximum towing rating of 5,000 pounds, you can haul your favorite recreational items for long distances. The Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System ensures that your precious cargo won't be shaken up by bumpy roads.

Before you embark on a camping trip in this Toyota SUV, remember to fill up the fuel tank with up to 23 gallons of the appropriate grade of gasoline. The Low Emission Vehicle II label guarantees good efficiency on the highway and in the city. The Toyota Direct Ignition system also contributes to efficient combustion.



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