Toyota Camry Hybrid: Stylish Sedan With Efficient Design

Rolling on an efficient platform, the Toyota Camry Hybrid is a four-door car with great exterior styling. Customers in Twin Falls could test drive this fuel-saving sedan at Wills Toyota. The latest inventory includes the SE, LE, XLE and other trims.

The front windshield in the Toyota Camry Hybrid is designed to reduce acoustic penetration. By blocking noise from the outside, the special windshield offers a quiet and comfortable drive. Occupants in the second row will also be shielded from intense solar rays thanks to the High Solar Energy-Absorbing glass.

LED technology dominates the electrical systems in the Camry Hybrid's exterior lights. Having a bi-LED design, the combination headlights automatically turn off and on. Automatic operation is also available in the daytime running lights, which are integrated into a housing with a smoked and tinted finish. The Level Control technology is another advanced function that's optional in the LED headlights of this efficient sedan.



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