The New Toyota C-HR Packs Lots of Safety Into a Compact Package

The Toyota C-HR is a charming and popular subcompact SUV that nevertheless packs many innovative safety features into its good-looking frame. Important features such as high-tensile steel and specialized sensors can give drivers an extra edge in the safety department.

The new Toyota C-HR subcompact SUV employs a safety promoting, crash resistant chassis frame. This frame includes the addition of extra strong steel with high tensile strength. These steel parts are placed at strategic positions around the frame to increase overall stiffness and rigidity. The result is a body frame that reacts well to the demands of handling while resisting crash forces more effectively.

Toyota C-HR SUV drivers can also benefit from a long list of driver-assistive sensors. A good example of such a feature is the proprietary C-HR integrated rear facing camera. This high-definition tool displays pictures onto a centrally placed, 8-inch display that gives drivers color images of what lies behind their vehicles and in their blind spots.


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